Monday, August 8, 2011

Some Little Things...

A little while ago my friend Julie buttered me up with compliments about my craftiness (totally unnecessary), and asked if I'd make her daughter a crayon roll.  Of course I said yes!  People getting excited about things I make makes ME so excited!  So, Miss Olivia is now the proud owner of this:
I put crayons in it for her, too.
It was pretty cute, she took it out of the bag and said, "Ohhhh!"  Now, because her mama Julie is a pretty awesome lady, I threw in a surprise for her too.  Her very own coffee sleeve (Julie is quite the coffee connoisseur, much like myself).

I remembered that she likes red, and I had that awesome wooden button to use.  Perfect!

Here they are, all finished and ready to go to their new home!  Julie reports that they've already been put to good use.  In fact, looky what I found over on Facebook!  Love it!

To totally toot my own horn, I've had a lot of requests for those coffee sleeves.  My husband is pretty excited, because he really wants me to open an Etsy shop.  We shall see!  As for me, I'm off to construct two of them in that popular Joel Dewberry fabric (seen on Olivia's crayon roll)!


  1. Love the coffee sleeves. I've been wanting to make some, too. So much prettier than the silly cardboard holders. ;o)

  2. Hi Jenny, your husband is right! You should open your own ETSY shop if you haven't done so already. It's a fun place to be and even better when you have a supportive hubby.