Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Hi.  I'm still here!  It's been very busy around here, but I have been making stuff!  I realize now that I never posted the top I made (my first garment, woo!), so I will be sure to do that.  I entered it in Made By Rae's spring top contest, but I don't have high hopes.  I am so not a garment sewer!
I've actually been working quite a lot on my husband's quilt.  All of the blocks are finally finished, and I started putting it together over the weekend.
This is what it's looking like so far.  I think I like it, even though it still looks sooooo 80's to me.  My husband likes it though, which is all that matters.  It is going to be a BIG quilt, and I am kind of getting nervous about quilting it on my inferior machine.  So much so, that I am considering pricing out new ones.  Eeek!
In other news, I FINALLY got my order of Kona solids to start my bottled rainbows quilt!  I placed my order two months ago, and have been really super annoyed with how the backorder was handled, but whatever.  Now I can make that delicious quilt!
I'm linking up with Lee today at Freshly Pieced.  Go check out what everyone else has going on this Wednesday!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Oooh, I've been a bad blogger

April 17th was my last post?  Oops!  It has been pretty busy around here though.  April is a big birthday month in my family, culminating with my own.  My husband got me the best birthday present ever - tickets to an Ohio State football game in Ohio!  I haven't been back since I moved 6 years ago and I miss it so much.  Yay!

My dad's birthday is right before mine.  He likes to bake & cook, so this is what I made him:

Hexie-ful potholder and dishtowel.  I have to say, I was going to make him two potholders and three towels... yeah... I didn't realize that they take FOREVER to make!  I saw him this morning, and I was still working late into last night just to finish these.  Whoops.

The full band on the towel.  Sorry these pics are so dark.  I just bought plain white kitchen towels, and then pinned the heck out of the hexies to sew them on.

Back of the potholder.  The quilting is hard to see, but I echo quilted every other row of hexagons.  I wasn't sure how heat-safe this thing would be.  I used two layers of batting, but I wanted to quilt minimally, because I thought maybe the quilted areas would be less heat-safe.

Dad totally loved them!  His kitchen has a lot of blue, so he's excited to put them in there.  It's my hope that I'll be able to make him the other pieces I intended to.  Eventually.  =)