Sunday, May 1, 2011

Oooh, I've been a bad blogger

April 17th was my last post?  Oops!  It has been pretty busy around here though.  April is a big birthday month in my family, culminating with my own.  My husband got me the best birthday present ever - tickets to an Ohio State football game in Ohio!  I haven't been back since I moved 6 years ago and I miss it so much.  Yay!

My dad's birthday is right before mine.  He likes to bake & cook, so this is what I made him:

Hexie-ful potholder and dishtowel.  I have to say, I was going to make him two potholders and three towels... yeah... I didn't realize that they take FOREVER to make!  I saw him this morning, and I was still working late into last night just to finish these.  Whoops.

The full band on the towel.  Sorry these pics are so dark.  I just bought plain white kitchen towels, and then pinned the heck out of the hexies to sew them on.

Back of the potholder.  The quilting is hard to see, but I echo quilted every other row of hexagons.  I wasn't sure how heat-safe this thing would be.  I used two layers of batting, but I wanted to quilt minimally, because I thought maybe the quilted areas would be less heat-safe.

Dad totally loved them!  His kitchen has a lot of blue, so he's excited to put them in there.  It's my hope that I'll be able to make him the other pieces I intended to.  Eventually.  =)

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  1. Those colors match my kitchen! Love them!