Thursday, April 7, 2011

My new favorite thing I've made...

Every time I make something new, it's my favorite thing I've ever made!  Haha, sort of.  I'm really loving this guy though.

I've been wanting to make a reusable coffee sleeve for a while now.  The rate I visit Starbucks, I need one!  So this morning, before I went to run errands (errands which included a stop for a grande no-water chai) I whipped this up.  Love it!  Love the stripey inside too.

My errands included a trip to the grocery store to make some yummy treats for my husband's birthday weekend at the beach.  You MUST make Sarah's granola recipe.  It is SO easy and SO good (I am shoveling handfuls in my maw as we speak).  Today macadamia nuts were on sale, so I used those instead of almonds.  Yummmmmmm........  It tastes pretty good with milk, like cereal, too.
I also just pulled a pan of mocha muffins out of the oven.  Which I need to make again, because I accidentally used regular baking powder, instead of sodium-free (my husband is on a super low-sodium diet).  Best not poison the hubby for his birthday...

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