Sunday, March 13, 2011


See that little badge on the right over there?  The one that says, "Fat Stash Bee"?  Yep, I joined a bee!  Quilting bees are not just for grandmas anymore.  It turns out there's this whole world of "virtual quilting bees".  A VQB is a group of people that come together, and just like a traditional grandma-bee, each person makes blocks for everybody else.
Typically, a bee has 12 members, and each member is assigned a month.  They send out fabric and directions to the other participants when it's their month, and everyone makes blocks & sends them back.  At the end of a year, every person has a whole quilt, made in part by everyone in the group.  In this bee, we're sending each other a fat quarter when it's our month, and then we get to pull from our stash of fabric.  Hence the name "Fat Stash".
March was our first month, and I just finished my block:

This is Rebecca's month, and she asked for a "neighborhood quilt".  Every person was to use some of her orange fabric to make a block with a house, or other building.  I made her a log cabin.  =)  She's expecting a baby, and mentioned that she wants to use the quilt in the nursery.  How great is it that people all over the world (we have members in Canada & Germany too!) are helping to make something for her baby?
See that crocheted flower in the picture, too?  I crocheted something!  It's been a while since I've crocheted anything.  I first saw this on Angela's blog, Fussy Cut, and have been wanting to make some since.  It's supposed to be a potholder/trivet, but I think it'd make a great scrubber too (it is made of all-cotton yarn).  Tutorial can be found here.  Now I must go and binge on our impulse-purchased Easter candy, and cheer on my Buckeyes (even though I hate basketball).  Go Bucks!


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