Monday, March 14, 2011


The weather outside has truly been frightful.  Yesterday was dark and gray, with howling winds, and pounding rain.  I stayed indoors and made myself a little treat to brighten the mood around here.
Meet my new pincushion:
It's only about 3 inches square.  It was the first wonky star I've made, and it's backed with my fabric obsession Sandi Henderson's Henna Garden in blue.
Also, something you should know about me is that I am a coconut-aholic.  I spent my entire 2-week honeymoon stuffing my face with everything under the Hawaiian sun containing coconut, and came home with a bottle of coconut syrup for my pancakes.  It doesn't even have to have real coconut.  Ever had coconut M&Ms?  They don't even contain coconut (seriously), but I always had a pack on me in HI.  They're much harder to find back here on the mainland, but if I see them, I buy them.
Anyway, I just found these over the weekend:
These. are. even. betterthantheM&Ms!!!  I just ate an obscene amount.  AND they actually have coconut in them!  How sad am I that this is an Easter-only special?  Husband, if you're reading this (doubtful, he didn't even know I had a blog until yesterday...) I want a ton of coconut creme kisses for my birthday next month.  And a new sewing machine.

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  1. The pin cushion came out great and those Hershey kisses sound sooooo good. I might have to try them. Which is very dangerous.