Saturday, March 12, 2011

Now for something completely different...

Yes, two posts, back-to-back.  Because this is a total departure from paloozaness.  Anyway, did I mention that I'm doing another quilt along?  I am.  I draw a lot of crafty inspiration from the ladies over on the Nest, which is a sister site of the Knot - a site I used a TON to plan my wedding.  Happy day for me, when I discovered they have a whole board of craftiness for us now-married folk!
One day, one of the girls on there posted a question: did anyone know of any scrappy quilt alongs going on/starting?  Well, I didn't, but I casually suggested that we start our own.  So now we have a Nestie quilt along!  To keep it simple and conducive to using up a bunch of scraps, the person in charge chose a 9-patch pattern.  I don't have enough scraps saved up for a whole quilt, and I was kind of thinking of doing a black & white quilt for our living room.  So I bought more fabric.
Sorry for the horrible lighting.  It's pretty hard to take pictures of anything inside when it's winter in Washington.
I was really loving the fabric I chose, but I wasn't to sure about traditional 9-patch.  I did not want my quilt to look like a checkerboard, and I wanted it to be pretty modern.  So, after a little google image searching, I settled on this type of layout:

Yes, I know, the white squares are kind of cheaters.  Why do all that cutting and matching of seams though, when you don't have to?  So far I am LOVING how this is turning out.  I want something really fun for the backing, and right now this Michael Miller print is a strong contender:
It's called "Prom" and it totally cracks me up.  It is a very dreary day here in the Pacific Northwest, which means I may be able to make some progress on this one.  Or I could baste my Pop Garden quilt top.  It's pretty large though, and I'm scared.  Plus, I don't feel like vacuuming up all of the dog hair so that I have a space to put it...
Enough of my ramblings!  I leave you with some more pictures of my Nestie QAL goodness:

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  1. Cute! It really is funky and modern. And that contender for the backing is really neat.